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#4 ENKHEYM & Carola Moritz [remember:KLEIST] live @ MAXIMAL 2011


live improvised soundtrack #1 for the silent movie BALLET MECANIQUE
Fernand Leger (1924)


Part 2 – ENKHEYM “live” @ 7. FreeFlow Festival Kassel, 15-Oktober-2010
Dance Performance by YULA WIND


Part 2 – ENKHEYM “live” Kulturwerkstatt WAGGONG, Frankfurt/Main, 07-Mai-2010

BRIGITTE VOLKERT – [keyboards, vox, percussion, electronics]
MICHAEL HOFFMANN – [drums, percussion, live-sampling, electronics]

all tracks are pure improvisations. no collusion, no preparation, no overdubs!

copyright by ENKHEYM / Brigitte Volkert & Michael Hoffmann

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